Priyanka Peeramsetty

Priyanka Peeramsetty

Solutions Consultant, Darwinbox


Priyanka is a Solutions Consultant at Darwinbox, building a product to automate the entire lifecycle of an Enterprise employee from hire to retire. Within this capacity she has run exhaustive workshops with the CXO’s of Enterprise clients across multiple industries and audience demographics – to enable a paradigm shift of People and Change Management as an Organizational Priority.

Before this, Priyanka led Indian Operations and Growth for L20, a USA based startup – to build a tech platform, which manages, grows, and engages the membership of Non-Profits. She has been fortunate to design interventions for State and Central Governments, Global Foundations and institutions by understanding their pain points – some of her interesting projects include designing a women’s startup incubator and a leadership lab, implementing skill initiatives, training young leaders to work on issues that concern Developing Economies. Building motivational platforms to engage global communities and individuals has been an incredible experience for her.

Priyanka is a Civil Engineer turned Liberal Arts enthusiast – she is a Young India Fellow, and an AshokaHBx Fellow. She is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, South Asia’s Kectil Colleague and a Mentor of Change, Atal Tinkering Labs of Niti Aayog, Government of India. Alongside her professional endeavors, Priyanka also engages in projects of Circular economy, to gain the subtle perspective of information and energy flow. She has been invited to represent India in several Global Leadership Conclaves and immersive programs. Priyanka has also spent quality time coaching others on Leadership Development and coached self through Vipassana and regular mindfulness practice.

She credits her interesting life journey to the powerful women and men in her life from whom she vicariously learned from their experiences to quench her curiosity. She believes in the incomprehensible power of simplicity – “There is no secret ingredient. It is just you.

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