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Priv Mudada


Priv Mudada

Founder of Identity


Priv Mudada is the founder of IDENTITY a platform she started for people of all races to meet and discover who they truly are and begin to walk into their purpose and destiny. She is a young woman who is passionate about empowering the young generation. She does this through her work at IDENTITY. As part of her work Priv meets with young women in the Leeds area and discusses various issues that may affect them in society as well as look for means to ensure that young people are empowered despite of their background. Priv has been awarded a Young Achievement Award by Womanhood Global in recognition of the work she does in her community. She is also nominated for Community Champion of the Year Award by ZIWA (Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards). Priv blogs regularly on her website as well as uses social media to get her empowerment message out to the young people.