Priscilla McNealy


Priscilla McNealy

CEO and Founder at Royal Signs Interpreting Agency, LLC

United States Of America (USA)

Priscilla McNealy is a wife, mom, a member of the Army National Guard, and she is the CEO and founder of Royal Signs Interpreting Agency. She is also a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult). Because she was born into the Deaf world, sign language was her first language. She saw her Deaf parents experience both discrimination and oppression.

Priscilla realized that the primary reason her parents were experiencing this is because there was a lack of knowledge about Deaf culture. Her mission is to educate people and entities that being Deaf is not a disability, it is a lifestyle. As a result, she founded Royal Signs Interpreting Agency and is on a mission to bridge the communication gap between the Deaf and Hearing communities. There are over 70 million Deaf people in the world who are more than worth connecting to. Royal Signs also helps corporate brands increase their loyal customer base and their revenue by tapping into an untouched market and provide training, captioning and transcription services as well as keynote messages at events.

Royal Signs has worked with brands and companies such as The Clinton Foundation, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, The United States Postal Service, and National American Miss. When Priscilla is not busy running Royal Signs Interpreting and serving her country, she enjoys traveling with her husband and four children.