Princess Francoise Sturdza

Princess Francoise Sturdza

Founder & President, Heart for India Foundation


Graduated from E.D.C. Paris in Finances and Economy.

1966 Established in Switzerland.

1971 Married to Prince Erik STURDZA.

1973 Created her company Inter-Emploi Inter-Cadres SA.

1977 Birth of her daughter Princess Christine.

1994 Created her company Inter-Informatique SA.

2002-2004 President of the Committee of “The Friends of Princess Margarita Of Romania Foundation”. Special mandate to organize a huge event in Geneva in favour of the “Inter Generation Center” in Bucharest.

2000 Partially settled in India

2005 Created the “Hope For India” Foundation lately renamed “Heart For India”.

2006 Remarried to Sir Gregory David Roberts, Author of the best seller SHANTARAM

2005 – to present

Fulfilling the role of President of “Heart For India” : Working in the fields, managing all the programs which have been created from A to Z.

Through her network, the Princess has organised 7 fund raising galas in India and in Switzerland which were all very successful in both countries. Her friends like S.A.R. The Princess Lea of Belgium, S.A.R. Princess Marie Gabriela of Savoy, S.A.R. The Maharaha of Udaipur Arwin Singh Mewar and his family, S.A.R. Richard Holkar Prince of Indore, Stella Mc Cartney, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Mr. J. Brolin, Sir Richard and Joan Branson, J.C. Ruffin, Auret Van Heerden, Shilpa Shetty, Pria Kataria Puri, Mr. Adi Godrej, Mrs. Queenie Singh, John Abraham, Rahul Bose, Jackie Shroff and many others, as well as ambassadors and civilians indian society, etc. At least but not the less Mrs. Calmi-Rey, former President of the Swiss Confederation.

The Heart for India Foundation is fully recognized in India as an example of cooperation and success.

Recognised as a “Model School” for all India and Bangladesh, the Nanmangalam School, which is financed by Heart for India, is one of the examples of the Heart For India’s work.

2009 Recognition by Winning in New-Delhi, the Award of “Global Citizen” given by ICONGO (Indian Conference of NGOs).

2012 Awarded as Social Entrepreneur by SUEB India

2015 Speaker at the Rex Conclive organized by ICONGO

Feb. 17 Ms. K. Hema; teacher at Amman Nagar supported by Heart for India has been awarded Best Best Anganwadi teacher by the Tamil Nadu Govt. Ms. Hema conveyed her gratitude to Princess & the Heart for India Foundation team for having selected the Amman Nagar Balwadi & having rendered all the support to this day. “Without the intervention of HFI this would have yet remained a dream”.

2017 Mrs. Rehka Rana, International Bollywood Award Winning Actress and Mr. Vineet Bhatia, India’s first Michelin Starred Chef are now World Ambassadors for Heart for India Foundation.

Speaker at Namaste Geneva – co organized by his Excellency Rajiv Chander the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations office and the WIPO – SWITZERLAND.

Shakseeyat Award 2017 – Mumbai India

Gold Medal – Ligue Universelle du Bien Public in Paris- France

2019 Recognition by Winning in New-Delhi, the Award of “Global Citizen” given by ICONGO (Indian Conference of NGOs).