Prateek Barbora

Prateek Barbora - WEF - North East - Guwahati - Assam - India - 2018

Prateek Barbora

Health & Fitness Consultant, Fitness Incorporated


The primary focus of Prateek has been the science of exercise, health & nutrition and mental well being. He began researching and personal training in 2010. He is committed to taking responsibility for an individual’s idiosyncratic needs and making client-defined decisions. Perhaps one of Prateek’s greatest gifts lies is his innate tendency to question popular opinions and beliefs. He is passionate about details, context, and clarity, while maintaining the “big picture” perspective. He helps people clearly define, explore, and think for themselves in order to better navigate in grossly inaccurate generalisations, and pseudo-scientific rationales that exist in the world of health & fitness.

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