Prachi Wadhwani

Prachi Wadhwani


I am Prachi Wadhwani, born & brought up in India, who always believed in the beauty of art & how it is a medium of expression. I have been leading my own venture “The Tee Point” for the past 2 years, which works on providing a platform for artists & connecting them to their target audience.

Prior to this, I have 3 years of industry experience in supply chain management (working as HR Business Partner at Amazon) & manufacturing Industry (Welspun corp.) where I gained business acumen and leadership skills after completing my MBA.

The Pandemic led me to take this decision of creating something that would solve the problem of millions of artists who were now finding it difficult to sell just a single piece of artwork. As I took the risk of leaving my job and building something that I always believed in, I never looked back.

My efforts & idea was recognised at many places which kept me motivated as I moved ahead. I got featured in National TV news channel “Aajtak” by Amazon Saheli Program for the impact creation in small business ecosystem led by women entrepreneurs. Recognition from UN Women as “Industry Disruptor” was something that made me more confident working towards my business. Recently, we got selected among the “Top 50 International Tracks” startups of Vietnam’s Startup Wheel 2022, one of the biggest startup events in South-Asia, which gave us an opportunity to represent India at the International level.

My Business- “The Tee Point”
As the name & logo suggests The Tee Point denotes the T-junction where the art, artists and their audience meet. A social commerce which works on taking the help of e-commerce to address the social cause of providing regular income to the artists.

We act as a bridge between Indian Artists and their target audience by recreating their artwork on merchandise products. We are creating digital art & artwork infused merchandise by collaborating with Visual artists: mostly amateur artists & Traditional Local and Folk Artisans & their artwork would be re-created digitally to include the art culture into our product range. The revenue percentage of their product sale would be given to them in the form of royalty payment.

We are registered merchandisers for ISRO as we create space art into ISRO merchandise, making India wear the pride of ISRO.

How I got here:
With the slow pace of development in the art industry and ongoing difficult times of pandemic, amateur artists face challenges in finding income. I have seen them struggling to sell a single piece of art at a very low cost. I feel that a small amount to an original artwork does not do justice to the hard work, inspiration & skill that goes while making it. The Covid-19 situation has made things worse for them. That is how I decided that now is the time that this problem needs to be addressed & then I worked on the Idea of creating multiple products through just a single piece of Art work & how that can generate regular income for the artist.

Working on this idea and with the support of artists, I am here today, giving wings to my idea and launching my business idea that actually makes a difference to society.

My Future Plans & Ambitions:
As I work towards my social e-commerce and providing artists a platform, my ambition is to collaborate with artists around the globe and connect them to the entire world. Going global through artists collaboration as well as connecting the artists to the audience around the world is what I aspire to do.

As I work towards it, I want to create value and make a difference to society.