Pooja Iyer

Pooja Iyer

Founder & CEO, ASPIYER



“Understanding, identifying, investing and capitalizing on your strengths is the game changer, that will take you to the pinnacle of success.”


Pooja Iyer is a Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur with an MBA in International Business from Symbiosis and a specialization in Digital Marketing from Harvard University. In her numerous roles spanning over a decade, she has been part of different values-driven organizations and worked across industries in the US, Germany, Nigeria and UK.


She is a Gallup Certified Entrepreneurial Coach and believes that it is very important to understand who you are, aspire to achieve your dreams and equip yourself with the right tools to convert that aspiration into a reality.


And hence evolved the idea of a company, ASPIYER, that would empower people to succeed by identifying their innate talents and transforming them into strengths. She speaks on numerous stages both in the corporate arena and education sector.


She has spoken at NMIMS Mumbai, Jain University Bangalore and VIT Vellore. Her areas of specialization are Managing Millennials, Building Entrepreneurial Talent, Multi-generation and Multi-cultural workforces, Building Youth Talent, Diversity & Inclusion.


  • High energy, high impact. Our team was energized after hearing her talk. – Mr. Balakrishnan, Managing Director, TDK.
  • Her international exposure adds a great global perspective, for a multi-generation workforce across geographies. – Mr. Pramod, Associate Director, IQVIA
  • It was great hearing Pooja madam. We want to learn more from her. – Ayushi Jaiswal, Jain College