Pooja Dahiya Dhankher

Pooja Dahiya Dhankher

Co-Founder, Saleforever Storez


Born and brought up in an Air force officers family, I was always taught by my father to be disciplined, love our nation and always contribute to the society in any small or big ways.
I never quit dreaming, because my dreams keep my passion alive. My dreams made me take a conscious decision of turning from an IT professional to an entre‐preneur after working for 14 years in the corporates. That was when my actual life began. I travelled a lot, did lot of search in the field of fashion, met a lot of people to understand what fashion meant to them for almost an year and finally with a vision that looking gud is not age specific and making fashion available for all, we started our own venture “Saleforever Storez”. (Ninex City Mart, Sohna Road, Gurgaon and sector 18 Dwarka) which is a successfully running company which is in manufacturing (kids clothes), importing and marketing company of latest n trendy clothes for men, women n kids. We have presence in 3 places in Gurgaon and Delhi. In the field of fashion, I have been awarded the Fashion Icon Award in the category of best fashion consultant.

I have been awarded with the Leadership Award for being a speaker in the Leadership Conclave. I was nominated and I was awarded with the Haryana Garima Award.
Apart from this I am in Interior designing, an Image Consultant, a Fashion consultant, a Speaker and a Reiki Healer too. Having an eye for business and customer satisfaction I am a business consultant for various B2C companies. I have always been a mentor to the youth and my teams, coz I truly believe that if the youth of today are taught the correct value of life then our country’s future will definitely be better.

“Ask not what your country did for you, say what you have done for your country” Having this in my mind and also knowing the value of a human life, I contribute to the society in little ways. I am a part of few NGOs and other groups like Women Economic Forum, Gurgaon Helping hands, Dwarka moms etc. I personally contribute by teaching basic calculations and protesting against domestic violence to poor women (a community of women who work as house help). Monthly activity of distributing sanitary pads to the underprivileged females and creating awareness on hygiene. On a monthly basis I gather young beggars on the roads and motivate them to work so provide them with means of earning like shoe polish etc. Providing notebooks n pencils to poor kidsand teach them to write by taking voluntary classes in an NGO. In all my ways of contributing to the society, I also have a dream to open a lavish old age home with lots of open space and greenery.