Patty Cruz Fouchard


Patty Cruz Fouchard

Director -Productivity & Organisation Expert

United Kingdom

Patty is a Productivity, Time Management and Organisation Expert, she helps busy people get organised. Sometimes people find their clutter overwhelming, feel stuck or don’t have the time to take care of it.

Fifteen years working in the Financial Services Industry, a certification in a well recognised Professional Organising Course in the U.S.A and love for people – gave her the framework and approach to tackle any organising challenge in a professional and consistent way.

Patty is passionate about developing tailored made routines and strategies that help deal with work, home, family and personal interests whilst avoiding the trap of burning out or overwhelmed – she wants to help her clients figure out what is it that really matters to them so they can lead a calm, focused and productive life. Patty loves a sweaty workout, is an excel spreadsheet addict and likes to describe herself as an extroverted nerd!