Patricia Moerland-Norbert


Patricia Moerland-Norbert

Founder Expert Entrepreneurship at Frenchity


Patricia Moerland-Norbert is a French Lady living for many years in the Netherlands. As the owner of Frenchity – Aprobee Agency, she is accompanying entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit projects with a strong societal impact. She mainly helps women in businesses cope with tough challenges : business strategy, market research, modeling and planning, web presence, social networks, internationalization, competition, innovation, change and growth.

As a diversity and women empowerment advocate, she founded « Diversitelles » in 2008 ; an organization of women entrepreneurs leading small businesses spreading out best practices in real during events, in virtual through the social media and through the organization of prizes.
As a Web and IT specialist, « Girlz in Web » a women tech network, listed her among the experts in entrepreneurship, innovation and business modeling.
Engaged in the Human Rights, she is the Secretary of the foundation « Creating Rights ».

She likes the idea of considering « women as an emerging market ». She thinks that we are not yet there but well underway. Our growth capacity is still under-evaluated. The empowerment of women is going full swing with all sorts of wonderful initiatives everywhere in the world, gaining market shares where they are not expected.
That’s why she writes, speaks, gives conferences, organizes and participates to events and media interventions. Here are some of her relevant experiences with regards to women and entrepreneurship :

• 12 interventions on women personal development, between for the radio programme of RFI « Reines d’Afrique ».
• Conference : « What are the factors of success in the business creation of immigrant women? »
• Forum workshops : « Ladies, how to start a business with a dynamic of development for your region of origine? »; « Ladies, how to create, innovate and develop your business in a competitive environment?»
• Women’s events organization : « Women and Image » ; « Women and Diversity »
• Round tables : « The job market in the Netherlands »
• Interviews and interventions on the « Forum de la mixité » in Paris
• Women’s Prize Jury
• Writing and answering to business questions in offline and online magazines : Dynamique Mag, Expatica, Reflets Magazine…
• Gave a special 2-day entrepreneurship course at the UN- ICTY in the Hague.

She is convinced that we must go on support and organize this growing « women in leadership and business » mouvement !