Oyin Talabi

Oyin Talabi

Functional Wellness Coach, Bodyworks Nigeria


Started out as a Fitness coach, teaching the Pilates method and opened Bodyworks Nigeria, as a Female only Personal Training Studio in Lekki Phase 1 in 2006, the first of its kind in Nigeria. Over the years, she observed the increase in auto immune and lifestyle diseases among her clients and the society. In response to this, Bodyworks has now evolved into a wellness coaching organisation, that focuses on, helping individuals and organisations achieve their wellbeing goals, through customised programs that employ a variety of therapies and resource partners ( local and international) and through curated wellbeing workshops for the community. She works as a coach with organizations like Heritage Bank, Olajide & Oyewole and GlaxoSmithKline(GSK).

Oyins’ goal is to make wellness accessible and personal to the society. She is the convener of the Eko Wellness Products Network and The Truliving Africa Practitioners Network both of which support producers of wellness products and holistic practitioners with a view to make their products and services accessible to more people.

She has an MBA (HR focus) from the Leeds Metropolitan University UK. She went on to train in Weight Management and is certified as an IREP Personal Trainer level 2, Workplace safety (OSHA), Health coaching & Stress management, Naturopathy ( COE UK), Corporate Athlete ( J & J Human Performance Institute USA). She recently completed an internship as a Functional Medicine Coach with The Wellness Way clinic (SC, USA).