Okutinyang Abimbola

Okutinyang Abimbola

Chief Operating Officer, Bims Living Gardens


Abimbola Okutinyang, is a seasoned floriculturist , a sought after event consultant and a philanthropist. Born in 1970 with a massive dose of creativity and an acute perception of beauty in its diverse forms, especially nature. She is a Botany graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos, and a recipient of the Goldman Sachs scholarship for women entrepreneurs where she studied entrepreneurial management at the Lagos Business school.
.Abimbola’s natural inclination gave birth to Bim’s Living Gardens, a reputable horticultural and event styling outfit. Over the years, her warm and intelligent way of handling people has endeared her to several clients spanning the length and breadth of Nigeria and beyond.‎Bims living gardens has groomed several professionals in the event industry.

Abimbola has successfully assisted in promoting and cultivating a vibrant relationship between plants, man and his environment. Through her NGO connecting hearts initiative.” Over 40 secondary schools in OYO state, with over 10,000 students have been educated on how to appreciate their environment and help preserve it. She’s been involved in several tree planting projects in South-West Nigeria and remains a huge motivation to several undergraduates to remain in the field with her yearly career talks in colleges. Her NGO is a recipient of the GEF/SGP/UNDP GRANT for Climate change in 2016.
. Her love for beauty and nature has kept her in this profession for over two decades with a network of satisfied clients and mentees in her field.
Bimbolas drive to see women nurtured and empowered gave birth to her non governmental organisation Connecting Hearts initiative. This initiative over the years has helped inspire women to be the best they can in life. A special aspect of this organisation is the Bloomingdames centre. This is a special empowerment to female sex workers. We help commercial sex workers to break free from their lifestyle. Provide the shelter, feeding, skill acquisition, counselling and all necessary support needed to break free from their live style. Over the years we have reached out to over 300 ladies with about 10 per cent success rate. Its so rewarding to see this vulnerable women become bold and courageous women.

Mrs Abimbola Okutinyang is happily married to her friend Mbim Okutinyang. The marriage is blessed with 3 lovely children, she is well travelled and comes on board with varied life experiences.