Nuha Maayta – Jordan


Nuha Maayta

President for the General Federation of Jordanian Women


Nuha Maayta is in the field of human rights, women empowerment, sustainable development. Nuha start her Professional life in teaching she established a primary school . She worked as consultant for early childhood care in Jordan Hashemite fund for human development. Afterward, for the past 25years her professional experience focused on the field of gender equality, women rights and human rights and empowering women economically socially and politically, and working with regional and international organizations. She particularly values the participation of youth and women to make change in their societies . She was elected as member of parliament. She was elected too for Presidency of General Federation of Jordanian women . She was member of committee of board of many entities and Mutah university, as an activist women empowering women , alleviation of poverty in rural areas , and gender equality. Nuha hold B.A in history form Beirut university, and diploma in education from Amman university, and diploma in management from Jordan university, and fluent in Arabic and English.