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Norlin Robles Sunga

Norlin Robles Sunga - Annual - WEF - 2018 - New Delhi - India

Norlin Robles Sunga

Founder, NRS Business Solutions


Norlin relishes the role of being a mentor and advisor to fellow leaders within the organization that have less experience while also listening to those experienced voices around her to continue her own development. Norlin understands that her role as a leader doesn’t mean she needs to do everything on her own. She can create and share a vision, select the right people to perform the right functions to move those projects forward, trust them to get the work done, and remain a pillar of support that inspires the people she oversees to invest in her and the goals of the company. These are amazing traits to have for anybody let alone with Norlin’s amount of time in the management role. The startup culture is not for everybody, especially those with backgrounds working for large organizations with fully formed processes and the top technology tools at their disposal to complete their work goals. The first thing that separated Norlin from others at her level is she never focused on what wasn’t available to her; she used the tools that were available to get the job done.