Nomanono Isaacs

Nomanono Isaacs

Author of Escaping Apartheid – A Letter to My Mother


I am the published Author of Escaping Apartheid: A Letter to My Mother. My upcoming novel is: “Suzan, I Have Been To Hell And Back In Seven Days.” I blog about anything that I feel at the time of blogging.

Energy Healing Facilitator
As a Spiritual Energy Facilitator, I will bring you Healing Energies of Archangel Michael and My Beings of Light Healing Team for your physical, emotional and anything that you feel you need these healing energies for. As well as through channelling personal communication, which will either be written or verbal.
Divine Union Chakra Balancing, a tool for life for you that I will teach you to do for yourself, whenever you choose.
Should you choose Distant or Absent Healing I will do this for you when we agree a time, preferably during your night time, or a time when you are quietly resting. Distant or Absent Healing crosses oceans, it does not matter where you are in the world.
Reconnective Healing. I will channel these energies for you.
All these are done via Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber


Inspirational Speaking Workshops, currently at London South East (LSE) Colleges

Awakening Mediumship Within You, online

Teaching the Law of Attraction, one to one and in groups as well as, online


This is what Audrey S said about her Channelled Personal Communication experience: “Nomanono, thank you for my session. I was not sure what to expect. The meditation and messages I got were inspiring and clarifying. You certainly have a very good connection with Non-Physical as you connected me with: Archangel Michael, Goddess Isis, Lord Melchizedek, Master Jesus, The Pleiadians and The Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria. I have found food for thought and clarity with what this year holds and my purpose in this life. Nomanono, bless you. thank You and Your Guides for an enlightening session.”

What Revd Claudette Douglas said about Inspirational Speaking Workshops at LSE Colleges:
Nomanono Isaacs is a gifted communicator who is able to articulate a profound sense of history, environment and context in a vivid and engaging manner that had students wrapped up with attention. She possesses a forensic and in-depth knowledge of her subject and is able to disseminate information in an innovative, absorbing and informative way.
Ms Isaacs is an empathetic story teller whose interactive approach meant that learners were able to fully participate in her sessions and gain a deeper understanding of the issues that flow organically and seamlessly from her presentation.
Delivering talks and workshops on challenging subjects that are able to stretch our learners is important when choosing our speakers for LSE Colleges, so Nomanono Isaacs’s charming style ensured that our learners were challenged to think outside of the box, search for solutions to deep and complex problems and be inspired by Nomanono’s personal story of triumph over suffering and adversity as well as their own ability to find new and positive ways of answering some of the most vexed questions of our time.
Nomanono Isaacs is a masterful speaker who will uplift, equip, empower and motivate learner participation and critical thinking skills in your students.
Revd Claudette Douglas – LSEC CHAPLAIN

About Divine Union Chakra Balancing
From Sonia: This week I had a session with Nomanono. Although I knew what Chakras were, I didn’t really have any idea about Chakra Balancing or the Divine Union but I now know that the Divine Union is the uniting together of the masculine and feminine Divine Energies.
This was very uplifting experience, relaxing, informative and definitely something I would do again, now that I have a better understanding of the process. Nomanono lets you ask questions however stupid they might seem and both her and her guides really made me feel connected to my dad and to myself, something I’ve not felt for a while. (20/04/19)
About Awakening Mediumship Abilities Within You:
What Rosa B, South Africa, said:
I had the privilege to have some sessions of Mediumship Awakening Online with Nomanono. She was very professional and explained in a clear way the importance and power of the non-physical world. My cousin also joined for some sessions and we had some interesting encounters with our Grandfather and other members of our family.
I can highly recommend Nomanono to anyone who wants to awaken their gifts and learn how to benefit from these universal forces.