Nivedita Rawal – India


Nivedita Rawal

Inner Compass/Ultra Health


Nivedita Rawal is CEO and Clinical Director of Inner Compass and Ultra Health. She is a behavioural change specialist.

She has worked with Bollywood celebrities, the Singapore Changi Prison, CEOs, Industrialists, Organisations and Individuals achieve goals in behavioural, compliance- related and conflict-resolution issues across different settings and cultures.

Issues ranging from dealing with difficult customers or colleagues, the entitled employee, a difficult boss and personal relationships are areas of interventions she offers her expertise in.

Whether the goal is a change in the dynamics of a business or personal relationship, a compulsion or unconscious thinking patterns, Rawal offers effective techniques in achieving resolution through the use of cognitive/behavioural techniques, mindfullness, script analysis, communication techniques and meditation.

Rawal offers workshops on how your innate perceptions, mindset, unconscious cues, and constructions of past experiences have shaped your ability to deal with stressful events, pressures and difficult relationships at work.
Her workshops impart techniques in enhancing self-regulation of thoughts, emotions and behaviours through a cognitive-behavioural model, which will allow you to better deal with stress, pressure and relationships at the workplace and focus on your personal and professional growth.

Some examples of her work have focused on helping the client

‘Break-in’ with difficult customers,
Protocol compliance,
Manage workplace relational aggression with colleagues, superiors and customers, ,
Deal with entitled employees,
Dealing with angry individuals,
Ulterior transactions in communication,
Creating a collaborative cultural mindset,
Tapping neuroplasticity for creative thinking,
One of her flagship programs is helping individuals change their relationship with food by decoupling cravings from action and consumption. ,She offers behavioural models and frameworks with step by step guidance into exposure desensitization of stimulus to achieve the desired changes whether the goal is to drop a compulsion, automatic negative thinking, building resilience or negotiating difficult relationships.