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Nikki Zanchi


Nikki Zanchi

Director, Women Love To Talk

New Zealand

Founded by Nikki Zanchi, “Women Love to Talk” is a place for all women to be inspired and connected. To encompass an all round interest in life and discuss topics with other like minded women. My background is in education and I am a counsellor and coach. I offer individual and personal counselling as well as group work and courses. My aim in life and in business is to support women in transforming their Body, their Mind and their Life. I am dedicated to delivering quality experiences and shaping healthy lifestyles. I don’t settle for average and neither should you, don’t stop short of extraordinary. I want to help create a better world and a better you. Go forward in honesty and transparency and a kind heart”The world is changing and so is the nature of work especially for our young people. There is a different way and entrepreneurship is going to become the way forward. I take on clients who are willing to change, who have integrity , who seek creative solutions to life’s perceived problems and challenges.Lets go forward in honesty and transparency and a kind heart”