Nidhi Prakash

Nidhi Prakash

Dietitian and Nutritionist

Dt. Nidhi Prakash is a professionally qualified, well trained Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist. She is practicing in Kolkata for the last 8 years; before that she was working at Apollo and Rockland Hospitals in New Delhi. She is a life member of NSI (Nutrition society of India), IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) and NetProFaN (Network of Professionals of Food and Nutrition hosted by FSSAI). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, Certificate in Food and Nutrition and Master of Science degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management. She has successfully improved the lives of over 9000 patients as a practicing Clinical Nutritionist. She has also acquired a Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education from International Diabetes Federation (USA).

Nidhi has presented several papers on Diabetes control, cholesterol control and Fatty liver disease management at various national nutritional conferences. She has spoken on a number of topics such as weight management for adults and children, healthy vs junk food, Lifestyle Modifications to Boost Immunity, Food Safety and Hygiene, Kitchen: Your Medicine Box etc. at various conferences, webinars and in colleges and universities.

She runs her diet clinic NutriConscious, located in Ballygunge. Apart from that, she visits a number of clinics in Kolkata as a consultant. She specializes in weight loss/gain diet, diabetic diet and post Bariatric diet. Apart from this, she plans therapeutic diets for kidney patients, PCOS problem and heart disease. She provides individual diet consultations, in addition to online and telephonic diet consultations, which include continuous monitoring of their health and nutritional status to the patients who cannot commute so often to either her clinic or those 3-4 clinics where she visits on call.

She has written several articles, conducted various health camps and guided some of the corporate offices in Delhi and Kolkata for adopting a nutritious cyclic menu with hygienic practices for their office canteen. Her aim is to teach lifestyle management to her clients and help them in achieving their ideal body weight through healthy eating habits.

The diet philosophy of Nidhi is ‘No Feasting and No Fasting’. She doesn’t believe in any type of diet supplement for weight loss, but she tries to inculcate life-long habit of eating healthy and nutritious food along with a light physical exercise. She plans a diet based on the subject’s body type, medical needs, diet preferences, taste and nutritional requirements. She also provides recipes for various healthy, nutritious and easy-to-cook food items, which help them to overcome cravings and hunger pangs.

Nidhi has also helped various Tollywood celebrities with their health goals. She believes in weight loss through a healthy balanced diet over fad diets, weight loss pills and meal replacement shakes.