Nicole B. Mason


Nicole B. Mason

Certified Business/Leadership Coach

United States of America (USA)

For years I have helped busy working professionals live happier lives and advance their careers. As a business owner, lawyer and former corporate executive with a family and many personal interests, I know what it is like having competing demands on your time. I teach individuals and groups core skills needed to succeed both professionally and personally: Intentional communication, focus and balancing it all are a set of learned skills.

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I was fortunate to have advanced my career while traveling the world, climbing mountains, trying pretty much every extreme sport out there, and having a family too. I provide lunch n learns, workshops, talks, on-line trainings and personal coaching, as well as 1-Day intensives, to help individuals and organizations boost performance.

**Imagine feeling at ease, energetic and joyful every day, regardless of all the demands on your time. Imagine working with great, smart people you also like personally and learn from, AND spending more time with your family.**