Nezha Alaoui – Morocco

Nezha Alaoui

Nezha Alaoui

Founder, Mayshad Woman Lifestyle Concept


Nezha Alaoui is an Entrepreneur who lives and thinks as an Artist.
She places PHOTOGRAPHY in the center of her expression, but also explores creative sectors such as fashion and design.

Her travels and international life experiences are the essential components which have influenced the course of her life.

As a producer and photographer, she carried out missions on the behalf of the World Food Program, (the United Nations), in Haiti, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Mauritania. In 2011

In love with the desert and its inhabitants, Nezha Alaoui dedicates the essence of her time to the Moroccan Sahara.

From this passion rises several works:

“Moroccan Sahara, ground of inspiration”,
Published in France with the famous publisher ‘Editions du Cherche Midi’. 2013

“Women, Secrets of the Moroccan Sahara”, that she carries out as a publisher,
with the texts of Emmanuel Dierckx de Casterlé. 2015

(Writer and former ambassador of UN in Morocco).

In 2015, she has launched the MAYSHAD WOMAN LIFEStYLE CONCEPT.