Neha Upadhyay

Neha Upadhyay - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Neha Upadhyay

Founder & CEO, GUNA


Neha Upadhyay is an organic macrobiotic coach in New Delhi. She graduated from King’s college London and worked in the education sector in the U.K., her focus was with children suffering from Juvenile diabetes, Autism, ADHD and other neuro motor problems. She observed their lifestyle, was reluctant in treating them with western medication. She then decided to receive trainings from Daylesford organic cookery school, Wholefood harmony and Navdanya in Organics & Macrobiotics which have proven to be alternative healing practises.

Upon her return to India, she founded GUNA whose vision is to empower women through organic macrobiotic food , solar technology and ecological agriculture based activities that secure her position in society where she becomes a role model for the future generations. She has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and envisions an inclusive, equitable and healthy society where men and women support each other in every aspect of life and enjoy their right to realise their full potential.

Awards & Recognition:

Winner of Social Impact Award in India 2017 by the British Council.

Winner of Entrepreneur Excellence award and prize money 2.5 lakh rupees by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Featured in Economic Times, Time out (New York) and CNBC Young Turks.

Regular participant of Women of India festival for organic products organised in New Delhi by the Ministry of women and child development.

Awarded full scholarship by Govt. of Sweden for the Swedish Institute of management programme 2017 for the course Responsible leadership for ethical businesses.
Neha and Guna’s work has been recognised and appreciated by UNDP by giving us a monetary grant of USD 50,000$.
This year we won a partnership deal, a collaboration of the the Estonian government and UNCTAD. This entails an e-residency enrolment program which will allow us to sell in the EU, to markets in Scandinavian countries, and those in the Americas.

We have recently been offered Tier 1 entrepreneur VISA along with mentorship and coaching at King’s College, London in the United Kingdom to forge forward market linkages for organic products. However, it is not sponsored, and there is a funding gap.