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Natasha Bhardwaj

Natasha Bhardwaj - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Natasha Bhardwaj

Life Transformational Coach ,Writer and Poet

Mumbai, India

She is life transformational coach ,writer and poet . Natasha have business of Appraisal.
She is pursuing MBA in self Management and crises Management From Anamalai University and Graducation from Delhi University.
She is founder of a 16 Celestial Toastmasters club and a board member of NGO – Humanforhuman. She have 3 years of experience in Management. She have workedas Centre head of 16 Celestial.
She have done internship in a news channel as news report and anchor. Natasha have mentored Many people in communication and leadership skills and the legacy is still going on..
She was awarded as indian’s youngest leader by indian youth forum in 2016.

She is a biblophile. Books are her best friend.