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Nancy Poleon


Nancy Poleon

Owner & Founder at Brandedu


Nancy Poleon (1973), owner of BrandedU and Branded Personalities, has been a marketing professional since 1997. She has worked for entertainment companies such as BMG records and UIP International where she was responsible for the launch of new entertainment products (music and film) and guiding the careers of artists and media personalities.
Her mission for Branded Personalities is to help personalities and companies increase their brand value. She does this in a revolutionary way that she calls ‘Rock-‘n-roll marketing’, a new, personal and creative way of marketing based on her experiences in the entertainment industry.
Besides Branded Personalities, Nancy Poleon is also the founder of BrandedU. A personal branding program built to increase the visibility of women in business. Career planning is a big challenge for most women. At BrandedU role models from the corporate world and entrepreneurs share their experiences related to an overlooked subject which brings growth to everyone’s career: Personal Branding. By following one or more of the leadership courses, seminars or training she wants to help women reach their career goals and still stay authentic.