Nadja Muller – Netherlands


Nadja Muller

Owner at Bell Noma


Nadja Muller-den Blijker is a multilingual certified Co-Active coach, who helps professionals to accelerate their business and career through confidence building. Through her tenacity, skill and compassion, she is here to encourage her clients to express their authentic self, step into their strength and boost their confidence to overcome the challenges on their way to success. When Nadja started training as a coach, she re-connected with a long-held dream: world peace. She underwent a transformation from project manager in oil & energy to coach and peacemaker. In summer 2015 Nadja went to Nepal, after the earthquake, to provide trauma relief and self care training to social workers, with enormous positive impact. When Nadja is not coaching, working with refugees on trauma relief and starting-up Virtual Reality Coaching, she can be found with her family outdoors, accompanied by 2 rescue dogs, or indulging the occasional fantasy/ Sci-Fi novel.