Nadisha Gulati

Nadisha Gulati - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Nadisha Gulati


New Delhi, India

GYANS is a name synonymous with exclusivity, creativity and quality. Since 1987, we have been catering to the Indian women in her country and overseas. Our passion is discovering and chiseling emerging designers to unearth exceptional creativity, quality and craftmanship. The fashion house empowers independent designers to thrive online & offline.

Our USP- We showcase around sixty designers at any given point in time. New talent is introduced every week. We specialize in BESPOKE COUTURE.

Philosophy- It’s increasingly more difficult for independent designers to compete against large companies, gain exposure, scale their business and connect with people who care about their story.

Gyans is THE CONNECT. We help the designer interact with a global community that shares our ethos. So let’s get together and make this investment in creativity.

Ms.Nadisha Gulati is one of the co-directors at the helm of affairs at GYANS. She is a chartered accountant by profession. After a short stint at Ernst and Young in taxation she joined the family business in 2003.

She is responsible for the group’s foray into mall stores instead of high street stores and going online.

Her main role embodies curation of the collection at GYANS, a role which involves continuous growth in all spheres so as to ensure that the collection in the stores at all times remains up to date and relevant.

Her journey as an entrepreneur is interesting because it is set against the backdrop of a family business and it is in the challenging field of retail.