Ms. Huda Al Matroushi – United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Ms. Huda Al Matroushi

Ms. Huda Al Matroushi

Abu Dhabi Business Women Council

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Ms. Huda Al Matroushi is one of those individuals, and ‘getting things done’ and driving results through collaboration, partnerships, and relationships.

She has dedicated her professional career from being a young graduate who joined Gasco in 1991 to become the first female member of the Extended Leadership Team of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (Gasco). She started her career in Public relation department and then diversified to corporate excellence department manager position. Later on she has been promoted and at this current day, she is employed as the Vice President of the General Services Division in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (GASCO). Besides being a vice president, she is also appointed as the chairwoman of Gasco recreation committee and member of Gasco Tender Board Member.

In addition to that she also serves number of roles at various governmental entities, including but not limited to: Member of Board of Trustees at ADNOC School, Board Member of Abu Dhabi Business Women Council, Emirates Business Women Council; Board Member of UAE Fencing Group and Executive Advisory Board Member of Abu Dhabi University’s College of Business Administration.

She has been so passionate about restructuring strategies, business management and systems. As a support to advance her knowledge and public, she has been taken the opportunity of being a part time faculty member at Abu Dhabi University. She has presented research paper titled ‘Developing framework for SMEs in Tourism sector in UAE’, during the ‘international conference on Tourism Milestones preparing for Tomorrow’ conducted by Skyline Sharjah University. Also presented research paper titled ‘Analyzing the factors promoting innovation in Emirati women owned SMEs: AHP approach’ during the international conference on organization and Management organized by Abu Dhabi University. The article titled ‘Prioritising the factors promoting innovation in Emirati female owned SMEs: AHP Approach’ prepared by Ms. Huda has been accepted to publish in the international Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.
Ms. Huda has written and published a book “Thank You Khalifa” in 2014, in order to express her gratitude for the support who is a pioneer in empowering potential National women to higher responsibilities.

With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Ms. Huda radiates a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to her surrounding people. She had been rewarded with various awards and recognitions throughout the years and holds a Masters Degree in Cultural & Creative Industries, currently pursuing Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and is determined to continue her career advancement in future.