Monireh Ayoubzadeh


Monireh Ayoubzadeh

Transformational Psychologist Science of the Heart


An educator, integrative coach, storyteller, and entrepreneur, Monireh Ayoubzadeh has traveled to more than 27 countries and has worked for several international non-profit organizations. Her greatest passion in life has been to empower women to their great and noble station; to promote the preservation of human dignity and nobility; to assist in developing capacity for service; and to initiate virtue programs for children and young teens: upon whom the future of humanity ultimately depends on. These programs aim to inspire active thinkers to arise to be catalysts of change.

Monireh Ayoubzadeh holds a bachelor of science and a master in transformational psychology and spirituality and health. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Holos University, focusing on psychology and integrative health care.

Gleaning from years of international service and studies, she continues to inspire others to unleash their highest potential, to celebrate the sacred beauty of life, and to translate it into purposeful action.