Monika Burwise – Canada

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Monika Burwise

Founder of Global Awakening Institute and Leap4Change


Monika Burwise is an author, speaker, coach and consultant with a transformational leading edge message. Having researched, explored and taught human dynamics, spiritual development and personal empowerment for over 20 years, Monika is uniquely able to share her experience and wisdom with profound clarity and expert precision, allowing you to immediately begin applying inspiring insights in your own life to create powerful shifts in consciousness and positive transformation in all areas of your life.
Monika founded the Global Awakening Institute with her husband Graham and currently run several intensive developmental workshops focused on various aspects of personal growth and spiritual evolution. At the Global Awakening Institute they offer transformational and developmental programs aimed at providing the knowledge, wisdom and practically applicable tools to empower and inspire people to live more successful, fulfilling and meaningful lives. Their focus on understanding the mechanics of consciousness and the fundamental universal laws & principles governing our lives offers an updated paradigm and a radically expanded view of the meaning and purpose of our lives. Their work also includes concepts and processes including Eastern & Western Mysticism, Shamanic traditions, Advanced Yogic Philosophy, Eastern & Western Alchemy, Philosophy, Human Dynamics theory, Trans-personal Psychology, Quantum physics, etc. Their signature programs include “Master the Art of Relationships, ‘Living Inside Out’, ‘Access Your Power’, ‘Accelerate Your Growth’, ‘Gear Yourself For Incredible Success’ and Personal Mastery Programs.

Monika is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment in the areas of love & relationships, creativity and business. She is a humanitarian with an inspired vision of improving the lives of people worldwide, by working from the inside out. Monika is also an intuitive energy healer, born with a gift of intuition and healing, and she has worked at expanding her abilities for most of her life.
Monika has a university education and practical background in business, marketing and communication studies. Her business consulting skills have been instrumental in transforming many businesses into successful leading enterprises.

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