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Michelle Dale

VMF LTD (Virtual Miss Friday


Virtual Miss Friday is far more than simply a remarkable Virtual Assistance Company… As through continuous advancement, expansion and the steady refinement of processes and procedures, VMF has evolved into a world-class Online Business Consultancy which specialises in cutting-edge online business development solutions — working with select individuals, from aspiring start-ups to corporate multi-national organisations.

In addition, VMF has developed a unique way of working, enabling you to have the widest range of consulting, administrative, creative and technical services and systems available, all from a single – tailor made, professional dedicated online service company.

Through taking an active interest in your business we strive to truly understand your wants and needs and to help you reach – and often exceed your goals and aspirations. We’ve developed a comprehensive range of services that will fit neatly into your business design and offer you a level of personal collaboration which is totally unique and of exceptional quality.

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