Michelle Crawford

Michelle Crawford

Chief Conversationalist, Being More Human


Michelle is an experienced speaker, having delivered numerous keynote presentations, networking functions and workshops for small, medium and large organisations internationally and in Australia.

She has been a Young Australian of the Year finalist in the community services section, is the Australian Human Resource Institute convenor in Newcastle (held since 2013), and was awarded a Certificate of Poverty Reduction from the Australian Government for her aid industry work.
She is the dreamer behind Being More Human, a collective of business, HR and organisational development consultants building human potential by strategically supporting businesses through executive leadership, coaching, specialist training, and all facets of HR.

She is also the author of the Being More Human book, which gives steps to shift to more effective mindsets, and co-founder of Human Power, an organisation reminding Australians what’s important by raising awareness, appetite and action to tie in with the UN’s Global Development Goals.