Metka Lampe

Metka Lampe

Director, Trainer and Coach/Kadrovski inzeniring Lampe


Well educated trainer, business consultant, executive and business coach, tutor and change manager with more than 35 years of different business experiences, mainly in the positions of leading companies and profit centres as well as employees. Branches Metka Lampe worked in spread from banking, catering and business services with special emphasise on human resource management. Metka Lampe spent a large part of my business career on different managerial positions in multinational companies, most of the time with international responsibilities.

In last 14 years, Metka Lampe focused herself on human resource area. She advised businesses and individuals on establishing successful leading. She have been running many workshops in order to upgrade managerial processes of leading employees to increase their motivation. She put special attention on improving ability of employees for more productive and effective work raising their level of participation as team members. She help board members and managers to elevate satisfaction and team spirit of employees with modernised internal communication tools and items.

Through her work and business experience She have achieved extensive knowledge of leadership, strategic planning, creating effective organisation and ability to analyse fast existing business processes in order to improve them. She have acquired skills in creating innovation and development processes, negotiations, human development, leadership management of leaders and employees, reaching business and personal goals…. Metka Lampe highly successful in different HR projects, executive and business coaching.