Membership of ALL Ladies League

Membership to ALL is free but by invitation only.

Invitation of Life Membership is given to women, and to men who support women. We invite those who believe in the values of care, concern, courage, commitment and collaboration, and shun negativity of any kind. We value positive energy and positive attitudes very much as we believe that constructive mindsets and actions can counter most of our local and global concerns today.

ALL also welcomes as “Associate Organization Member,??? NGOs and other bodies that are doing excellent work for the cause of women and humanity at large.

Please email your request with a CV/brief profile to: Executive Director, ALL at

Our office will soon be in touch with you to process your membership. A recommendation from an existing member will greatly help speed up the process.

Membership Benefits

1. Enhanced access to empowered echelons, social leadership and networking forums worldwide.

2. Strength to “Be the Change??? that you wish to see in yourself and in society by taking on leadership roles within ALL (see below).

3. Ability to infuse your unique vision, talents & spirit into nation-building and facilitating international cooperation through being an ALL office bearer.

4. Connect to the community of women and leaders across cultures and continents.

5. Feel empowered and supported at ALL times by a network that Cares and is engaged.

6. Participate in ALL’s Global events.

Above ALL, you get a unique chance to take up leadership roles in ALL as office bearers be it the Chapter Chairperson of your City, be it a Country Committee Chairperson in your Country or State in a particular area of your interest in over 175 specified areas or be it a Bilateral Committee Chairperson for a particular country. ALL office bearers hold their position for a year unless otherwise specified. ALL encourages ALL its members for enhancing their leadership roles across a variety of spheres.

Positions open in ALL Ladies League

I. Country Committee Chairpersons: (sector, country) for each of the below mentioned 175 areas/sectors in India.
Criteria: Experience in a public leadership role and connections with other leaders in a variety of spheres:

1. Innovation
2. Research
3. Biotech
4. Genetics
5. Hotels
6. Restaurants
7. Travel
8. Pilgrim Tourism
9. Hill resorts tourism
10. Sea resorts tourism
11. Architectural heritage tourism
12. Film
13. Television
14. Print Media
15. Electronic Media
16. Management
17. Arts
18. Sciences
19. Automobile sector
20. Chemicals and fertilizers
21. Oil
22. Environment
23. Energy
24. Foreign relations
25. Public policy
26. Infrastructure- roads
27. Infrastructure- airports
28. Infrastructure – ports
29. Infrastructure – distribution
30. Hydel power
31. Nuclear power
32. Thermal power
33. Solar power
34. IT
35. IT services
36. Shipping
37. Trade and Commerce
38. Rural Development
39. Women Empowerment
40. Child welfare
41. Education higher
42. Education schooling
43. Inter-Religious studies
44. Water management
45. Waste management
46. Finance
47. Financial services
48. Banking
49. Investment Banking
50. Angel funding
51. VC funding
52. Stock broking
53. Mutual funds
54. Mining – iron ore
55. Mining – other metals
56. Skills development
57. Labor
58. Training
59. Housing
60. Retail marketing
61. Retail development
62. Branding
63. Rural product marketing
64. Handicrafts
65. Textiles
66. Artisans training and development
67. Cultural heritage preservation
68. Architecture
69. Interior design
70. Product design
71. Packing
72. Supply chain infrastructure
73. Food processing
74. Agriculture
75. Arid lands development
76. Floriculture
77. Horticulture
78. Forestry
79. River waterways
80. Legal
81. Constitution laws
82. Police Reforms
83. Judicial Reforms
84. Administrative reforms
85. Security internal
86. Security external
87. Women security
88. Health
89. Hygiene
90. Homeopathy
91. Pharmaceuticals
92. Hospitals
93. Animal husbandry
94. Animal protection
95. Inter-state relations
96. Army
97. Air force
98. Navy
99. Civil aviation
100. Minorities
101. Spirituality
102. Social welfare
103. Social justice
104. Fashion
105. Life style
106. Photography
107. Sports development
108. Cricket
109. Football
110. Entertainment
111. News
112. Publishing
113. Books
114. Steel
115. Natural Gas
116. Exploration
117. Mountaineering
118. Ngo’s
119. Urban Development
120. Smart Cities
121. Internet
122. Railways
123. Rapid transport
124. Commercial real estate
125. Affordable Residential housing
126. Clean drinking water
127. Swatch Bharat
128. Anti-Tobacco campaign
129. Fitness
130. Well-being
131. Yoga
132. Adventure sports
133. Wind power
134. Minerals
135. Ocean research
136. Space
137. Made in India
138. FDI
139. Mobile phones
140. Telecom services
141. FMG
142. Beauty care
143. Public Distribution
144. Food Production
145. Corporate Affair
146. Sanitation
147. Earth Sciences
148. Climate Change
149. Forestry
150. Family Welfare
151. Public enterprises
152. Urban Poverty Alleviation
153. Information and Broadcasting
154. Employment
155. Minority Affairs
156. Public Grievances
157. Pensions
158. Planning
159. Social Empowerment
160. Statistics
161. Tribal Affairs
162. Water Resources
163. Youth Affairs
164. Parenting
165. Branding
166. Media Communications
167. Public speaking
168. Online learning
169. E-Commerce
170. Social Media Marketing
171. Search Engine optimization
172. Marketing
173. Human Resource Development
174. Creative Living
175. Ethics

II. Bilateral Committee Chairperson: (X country-Y country, you being citizen of X; or Y country – X country; you being citizen of Y).
Criteria: Experience in dealing with the respective countries.

III. State Sector Chairpersons: (sector, State) in any of the above 175 areas in a State of a respective country.
Criteria: Expertise or interest in an area via trade or connections.

IV. Chapter Chairpersons: (city, state, country) for overall coordination for membership and initiatives in respective cities of the world.
Criteria: Enthusiasm and Enterprise.

V. State Chapter Coordinators: to coordinate chapter activities and build relationships and networking and membership in a respective state of any country.
Criteria: Enthusiasm and Enterprise and at least one year experience as ALL Ladies League office bearer.

VI. Country Chapter Coordinators: to coordinate activities and increase relationships and networking and membership in a respective country.
Criteria: Enthusiasm and Enterprise and at least three years’ experience as ALL Ladies League office bearer.

Please send your interest and CV to/or recommend a person to: Director General, ALL, at

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