Melody Sakala-Makore

Dr. Melody Unity Sakala-Makore

World Congress, Global Peace & Prosperity Foundation

United Kingdom

HER EXCELENCY FIRST LADY RT REV BISHOP DR MELODY MAKORE popularly known as Bishop DR. MEL is an insightful gifted young woman who is making heads in shaping the gospel sector as well as the modern business environment that makes leaders better equipped to build a better world especially in these competitive emerging markets. Being the youngest black First Lady Bishop to be ordained in Europe and 77 Balkans Nations, she is the Bishop of KINGDOM CELEBRATION INTERNATIONAL CHURCH (KCIC) and a Governor of Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP) who was ordained in her role as The First Lady Bishop on the 1st of July 2015 by His Excellency, The Eminent Scientist Dr Madhu Krishan in the University of Birmingham. The world is currently celebrating H.E Rt Rev Bishop Dr Melody U SAKALA-MAKORE on her new appointed as a Diplomat/Ambassador for Zimbabwe in the UK by The World Humanity Commission (WHC). Dr Mel has been honoured with an Honorary Degree by The Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity Foundation in the Albania Balkans Nations on the 16th of October 2018.

Below are some of her accolades:

1. Consecrated and commissioned as the First Lady Bishop
2. Conferred with The Degree of Doctor of Divinity (HONORIS CAUSA)
3. Golden Award for HUMAN EXCELLENCE 4. Academy Noble Award for Global Peace
5. Ambassador at Large and Governor of the AUGP in the UK
6. Certificate of Excellence 7. Teacher and Trainer in the Global Mission of the United Nations Global Compact and all UN Charters
8. Diplomat/Ambassador World Humanity Commission (WHC)
11. Honorary Leadership Award 2016- Global Leadership Awards UK
13. Most Influential Women in Ministry of the Year 2018 – EPRA (Fancy TV Channel)
14. Powerhouse Global Impact Leader” Award 2018. etc
15. 100 Most Successful Women of Zimbabwe
16. Honorary Degree Ambassador of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity Foundation


Her unconventional career with diverse roles in different industries has given her the courage to work towards being a solution to arising societal and economic challenges at governmental level. Bishop Dr Mel’s humbling life experiences have shaped her professional values and character.
Dr. Mel walks the talk, from having NO GCSEs due to circumstances beyond her control to obtaining her professional qualifications whilst also maintaining a healthy marital life as well as raising her five (5) kids. Her parenting gift is exceptional. To prove that, in June 2017 the world celebrated the graduation of her 14 year old daughter (Matipa Makore) who graduated in Pharmacokinetics with The Warwick University in the United Kingdom.
Dr. Mel is The President and Founder of Unlocking Kingdom Wealth and one of the Trustees of World Congress of Global Peace and Prosperity Foundation (WCGPPFOUNDATION). She is also The Founder of Chayil Worshipers, Precious Jewels Ladies Ministry and Orion Kidz. She shares a great passion for empowering people of all ages using “The Chayil Biblical Model”. The Lord has graced her with a wealth magnetic grace that unlocks wealth and is backed with a lot of testimonies. Hence she is called “THE WEALTH MAGNET”.


Dr. Mel is a business woman, a public speaker, a transitional and transformational coach and mentor who imparts vast knowledge to both Christian and cooperate leaders to articulate their duties with pro-efficiency whilst producing excellent results. She is a humanitarian and a philanthropist who works hand in glove with organisations such as The Academy of Universal Global Peace, The United Nations, The European Union, The World Humanity Commission in touching lives one at time.
Her Excellency Rt Rev Bishop Dr Melody Makore has a duty to work in partnership with World Leaders in an effort to combat systematic poverty as The Global Peace and Prosperity Ambassador, Governor and Representative of Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP) and an Ambassador/Diplomat of World Humanity Commission WHC Her unwavering faith in Jehovah God is the driving force behind her success and her slogan is “Love will conquer the world