MEejie Chaparro-Traverso

MEejie Chaparro-Traverso

Founder of MEej LLC Motiva Inspira


We are all born in greatness, with greatness, Founder and Creative Director of MEej LLC (Motivational Empowering Energetic Journeys, LLC) – to help mitigate the social determinants of health that get in the way of socioeconomic success and overall health and wellness.

MEej’s signature offerings:
(1) Motiva-Inspira On-line Publications and Interactive Digital Platform – a soft place to land that offers support towards a second chances in life. A place to showcase and honor the greatness of all individuals.

(2) MSA – Multi-sensory Movement Surrender Approach for Managing Stress & Anxiety – free expressive platform to help optimize potential – optimize performance and productivity; – and improve overall physiological and psychological health – quality of live – and even life longevity – based on proven scientific research, concepts and studies of brain, body and behavior.

(3) Motiva-Inspira Impact Tour (Social Enterprise Component) – Women of Excellence coming together the lead, support, train and coach while supporting socially based efforts and/or initiatives

(4) Motiva-Inspira Global Movement – Coming together as individuals, businesses, organizations and communities to inspire, Motivate, Elevate & Empower by role modeling behaviors that reflect positive non-judgmental and supportive initiatives for the betterment of human kind.