Mary White, England


Mary White

Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist


Mary is a clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, accredited by both the Hypnotherapy and Counselling Societies in the UK. Mary holds an MA from University of Greenwich and has been running her own private practice for five years. With a high success rate and a specialised interest in the treatment of addiction, particularly for drugs and alcohol, Mary is a qualified Alcohol Control Therapist currently researching the link between hypnotherapeutic treatments and spirituality as a precursor to success. Mary has also successfully treated many clients suffering with anxiety, stress and depression related to a wide variety of causes by combining counselling and hypnotherapy. Offering therapeutic healing techniques provides comfort and enables individuals to self-reflect, both consciously and subconsciously allowing them to move on with their lives. Depression, traumas, habits, phobias and weight problems can be manifested from anxiety and stress that may eventually result in physical illness. Mary works with younger clients exposed to abuse and bullying during their educational years helping to rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and strengthen meaningful, two-way relationships. During her spare time Mary is Leader (Chair) of the Kent Branch of “Women in Rural Enterprise” (WIRE), a national women’s business networking orEnglandganisation devoted to helping and supporting women in small business..