Mary KM

Mary KM

20 Melville Avenue, Greenford UB6 0LG, Coach MaryKM

United Kingdom

Mary KM believes, “when you discover your life purpose everything you do has meaning. You no longer are chasing life but living it. You just want to be as effective as you can be in your community and beyond. I love what I do for it gives me the opportunity to live out my purpose and passion. It is just the beginning to a lifetime journey.

Mary KM is Master Coach from London, UK. She coaches people to be the best version of themselves. Guiding them to shine the LIGHT within, so they may experience happiness, success, peace and Love. The three key areas she coaches on are; Discovering your Life Purpose, Happiness within & out and Self-Love – regard for your own well-being and happiness.

Coach Mary KM will inspire, enlighten and empower you to live the life that your heart truly desires.

In addition, Coach MaryKM created and launched the MY PLANNER – Your Purposeful Life Planner to change your life in the ‘1-Month Challenge’ Planner or the ’90-Day Focus’ Planner. Bringing coaching to all especially those who may not be able to afford 1-2-1 coaching or prefer working on their own. It’s been made Affordable so that everyone can have a chance to REACH for the STARS!!

Coach Mary KM Vision is to help over 1 million people to discover their purpose. To be awakened and move in their innate power and creativity.

Coach Mary KM’s Mission:
• To coach and mentor all those who want to become the best version of themselves, to be the highest expression of themselves, unearthing and maximizing their potential. Through effective, intuitive and empowering one on one sessions, group coaching and live training.
• To help people grow by helping them to pursue their purpose and passions.
• To help people determine their gifts so they can contribute them to the world, bringing life, beauty and positive impact into their communities.