Marine L. Rot – Indonesia


Marine L. Rot

Founder of BeMore Academy


Marine is the co-founder of BeMore Academy. An award-winning Art Director and Clarity Coach, call her a contemporary Muse, who, for the last ten years, has been combining her visual talents & emotional intelligence to empower female entrepreneurs awaken to their creative nature and assist them to create a Conscious Business & Life. Marine provides Clarity Coaching Sessions and Authentic Branding Consultations worldwide. She has always been deeply connected to the sensorial world, sees the unseen, hears the unsaid, connects situations, people, colors, sets programs, envisions retreats… that happen to harmonize just the right way for the BeMore Academy’s clients. Her Near-Death Experience in Kauai, Hawaii has been a life-altering experience inviting her to trust her own guidance and reinvent her Life. After this full blown realization she became conscious of her mission and of the urgency to share her unique gifts with the world. When she talks to clients, the visual pieces start to naturally collect in her mind’s eye, showing a clear whole picture. It is with this multi-sensorial approach that Marine helps our clients receive or “connect” to their own Clarity. And did we mention that she was nominated as one of the most prominent artists in France and invited by the former French president? Well, now you know.