Marijke Krabbenbos

Marijke Krabbenbos

Managing Director, Bites & Business


I’m a creative, innovative and commercial generalist with a real entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve been an innovation and projectmanager, a facilitator of co-creation, a business consultant and a trainer on innovation and creative thinking. I love to generate ideas, elaborate on ideas and develop the busienss. After 10 years working in innovation processes, project management and marketing, I started my own company in 2006.
The IdeaCompany provides organisations with ideas and concepts:
– one-on-one brainstorming
– brainstorm facilitation
– implementation of innovation challenges and idea management programs
– trainings and workshops on creative thinking and the process of good brainstorming (dutch)

I practice what I preach. I developed some of my own ideas into commercial concepts:
1. , a network for entrepreneurial women. A franchise organisation with over 25 branches in the Netherlands
2., a book especially for the proud and loving aunts (3rd reprint now for sale)
3. a co-work place in the east part of Amsterdam

– community manager at coöperatie Gebiedonline
– community manager at Arts & Leefstijl, netwerk van artsen inzake leefstijl
– board member Vrijwilligersacademie Amsterdam
– innovation consultant at ZelfcoachApp
– consultant and projectmanager Lezingen at Buurtcooperatie Oostelijk Havengebied
– communication officer at voetbalclub Geuzen Middenmeer
– organizer of the Burgertop Amsterdam 2015 (responsible for the design of the co-creation process)

Specialties: innovation, idea generation, personal brainstormer, creative thinking, creativity, concept development, co-creation, customer experience, idea management, innovation process, brainstorming, networking, marketing, business models, proposition development.