Marietta Rodriguez Canossa

Marietta Rodriguez Canossa

Reiki & Healing Center ,Satori de San Jose

Costa Rica

Marietta is a Therapist, founder of the Center for the Transformation of Knowledge and Satori Integral Welfare, in Costa Rica. She is the creator of the therapeutic and trainer concept of Satori. He studied Psychology and Dramatic Arts at the University of Costa Rica. She is trained in Chinese Medicine and Bioenergetics by the Holistic University of Canada (based in Costa Rica), in Pranic Healing and with Crystals by the Institute for Inner Studies Inc. Manila, Philippines, the therapist is recognized worldwide.

Also trained in therapy with Polyhedros by Dr. Santiago Rojas, creator of the concept, Bogotá, Colombia – San José, Costa Rica; healing biographies (anthroposophy) by Dr. Roberto Grotoñoni, Buenos Aires, Argentina – San José, Costa Rica; creative visualizations and active meditation, Gestalt therapy and creative work, Family Constellations by the Bert Hellinger School in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Marietta is an expert in the Regressions to early childhood and other lives Therapy, well kwon as Dr. Cabouli Therapy.

Deep meditation specialist and Bioenergetic therapist under Dr. Alexander Lowen specialty and is Integrative Floral therapist, trained in the Spanish School of Floral Therapy, Lic. No.10.

Marietta is a member of the Ibero-American Association of Floral Therapists, from Santiago- Chile. She is also a therapist working with psychodrama and neuro-vocal conditioning. She works as an adult therapist, couples and groups.

Marietta coordinates groups and workshops of self-knowledge, meditation and Enneagram as a Spiritual way of living.