Marie-Noelle Besancon – France

Marie-Noelle Besancon

Marie-Noelle Besancon

President of guests at Festin La Maison des Sources


Liberal -Exercise for 20 years in Besançon (France). Assistant doctor at the day hospital of Velotte, pilot founded by Dr. Paul-Claude Racamier at Besançon, on psychoanalytic principles, from 1993 to 1998.
Social Entrepreneur:
-Fondatrice Association Guests at The Feast in 1990, an alternative innovative experience of citizen psychiatry in Besancon, France manages two living areas, a day care, a group of mutual aid (GEM), a service accompanying social and medico international development network: IAF network (15 ongoing projects).
She lived there with her husband and resident for 10 years, and it always ensures that “living with” a weekend in two.
-Fellow Ashoka since 2006 and winner “France is committed” since 2015.
-The IAF are the source also of the Regional Association of citizen psychiatry (CPRA), in September 2012.
-Publications Three books on citizen psychiatry Editions de l’Atelier Paris.

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