Antonieta Beguerisse – Mexico


Antonieta Beguerisse

Founder of Beguerisse Consultores


Tone Beguerisse, is a social relation consultant, and the founder of Beguerisse Consultores, SC a noted business expert in the field of social management in Mexico and in the USMexico trans-border region. She works to bring together private and government sectors to identify chronic social issues, to promote social cohesion, teaches conflict resolutions, family communication skills, planning and leadership. Her extensive work includes: Co-Founder and Operations Director of Alfa-Omega, SC.Organization that provides psychological counseling and care. Co- Founder of Pasitos Pre Escolar AC. Center for Autistic children in Tijuana. Director for SHARE de Mexico, AC. Food exchange, for community work program through out the Mexican Republic. Treasure and Administrator of the Tijuana Innovadora programs 2010 and 2012. Director of the International Community Foundation, AC in Tijuana (FIC). Partner at Mi Familia SC where she has been active since 2000 working with family communication skills and childrens education. In her volunteer activity, she is: The treasure for the Executive Committee of the US- Mexico Philanthropy Border Partnership. Member of the Kyoto Prize Symposium Committee. (Kyoto Scholarships).Member of the Municipality Committee for Violence Prevention in the City of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Coordinator at the Consejo de Desarrollo de Tijuana (CDT) of the Social section at the Metropolitan Project 2015-2034. Her academic degree is in Education, specializing in Family Coaching, from the Universidad de Navarra, Spain. She has taught at important universities, such as the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City, and the University of San Diego (USD) in San Diego, CA. She was the Humanities Coordinator at the Centro de EnseƱanza Tecnica y Superior (CETYS) in Tijuana Social relation consultant.