Mantasha Ahmed

Mantasha Ahmed

President, AFDB
Board Member, SME Foundation


Mantasha Ahmed was born in 1979. She completed her Master in International Relations and Contemporary Politics from University of Westminster, London. She is the mother of 1 (One) Child. Her husband Mr. Shahed Muhith is a renowned businessman in Bangladesh son of Former Finance Minister Mr. Abul Maal Abdul Muhith Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

In 2008 she first started her business as a small scale business named Reela’s Fashion Boutique. The primary expense to establish Reela’s Fashion is the invention of Mantasha Ahmed which gradually came to its present state from the constant monetary investment from her own fund and also grant and loan from her family members who contributed greatly to the expansion and setup of her business in retailing all over Bangladesh with the establishment of a complete Manufacturing retailing house on boutiques and fashionable dress materials through a dedicated supply chain. Reela’s Fashion is a leading manufacturer of fashionable ladies items of the finest model.
They are the front runners in the manufacture of Styles and Design of all types of textile items of the latest standards. Besides, in 10 years of business carrier she has established more other business like STELA Bangladesh a fashion designing training project where maximum employees are women. Now she is renowned as a very successful business women in Dhaka as well she is the Director & Member of Chittagong Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry(CWCCI). She has also visited and participates in many trade fairs and business meeting locally and internationally.
She has organized various training and workshops on Jewelry making at Charukala Institute of Art, University of Dhaka. Workshop on fashion designing conducted by top fashion designers of Dhaka for young boutique owners in 2010.
She conducted Training programs and short courses at Reela’s and 7 other district offices of Bangladesh for rural women.
She also organized the National Women Entrepreneurs Conference at Sheraton and presented a 5 year action plan to build the capacity of SME women Dhaka in 2010. She has also organized Fashion Shows and Media Relations: 40 years of Freedom and Fashion – showcasing the evolution of fashion in Bangladesh in the last 4 decades since liberation. Story of Cricket – a fashion show for Bangladesh Premier League depicting the journey of cricket in the sub-continent; Various TV shows, magazine interviews & talk shows.

Her Company Reela’s Fashion Boutique is a leading manufacturer, and retailer of local fabric and Ready Made Garments Textile like Ladies Suits, Sarees, Fashion Salwar Kameez, Salwar Suits and Boutiques etc. in Dhaka Bangladesh. Presently, in the time of globalization Reela’s Fashion has explored their market facing the challenge equivalent to the foreign products with their Quality, Price & Design. Reela’s Fashion Boutique stands as one of the leading designer and manufacturers of exclusive range of ladies wears.

In 2008 Mantasha Ahmed Managing Director of Reela’s Fashion Boutique started her first business with a number of 20 work forces with a nominal capital. As a successful entrepreneur she established her business and introduced true indigenous quality of fashionable products and ladies wears all over the country in Bangladesh.

Later on she established more other business like STELA Bangladesh a fashion designing training project where maximum employees are women.
Reela’s Fashion employs a fine team of designers and stylists who understand female changing trends in physical appearances, style preferences and fashion in vogue which enables Reela’s Fashion to offer clothes for women of all aged groups. Reela’s Fashion is a one stop fashion design house where all kinds of fashionable men’s and women’s wears are available. Reela’s Fashion Boutique on its part is passionate about taking exclusive, customized and hand-picked women’s ethnic fashion wears from local raw materials for their products to contribute the economic development of the country. Reela’s Fashion Boutique house delivers spirited style and luxury for all occasions attracted by the rich colours luxurious fabrics and the couture quality craftsmanship of each garment, Reela’s Fashion is a destination of shoppers nationwide.
Mrs. Mantasha Ahmed as the Managing Director of Reela’s Fashion Boutique has the aim of promoting to export their products in abroad and develop workmanship as well her dream is to successfully build up her mission towards her business carrier with a plan of expanding her business arena countrywide as well as abroad she intends to establish more retail shops in the country and expand her industry to create job opportunity for women who are in need to be self dependent in their carrier. This could emphasis to improve her business as well as the socio-economic condition of the country.