Maiken Piil


Maiken Piil

Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Strategist & Expert On Conscious Business & Leadership


Maiken is committed to two things – bringing the world into a new paradigm through her role as a coach, speaker, spiritual teacher and business strategist – and having fun while doing it. Raising consciousness is at the core of everything Maiken is involved in, whether she helps businesses achieve growth and profit through purpose, raising spiritual intelligence in leadership, or whether she helps professionals discovering their purpose and empower them to live a life of personal truth and higher consciousness. To live a life of purpose, she has reinvented herself several times and is always trying to discover deeper depths of her own truth. Through her own experiences and learning she inspires and empowers others to find and live their truth and full potential. She strongly believes we all have one shared purpose in this life. What that is, she will talk about at this years Women Economic Forum in Hague. Maiken is based in Denmark, Copenhagen, and you can find her on

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