Luìza Cristina Fernandes Palma

Luìza Cristina Fernandes Palma - WEF - Hotel Palacio Estoril - Portugal - 2017

Luìza Cristina Fernandes Palma

Co-Ceo, Rockfeller Holdings


2017 Award as “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for ALL” Chairperson of All Ladies League for Portugal Coordinator of Women Economic Forum for Portugal Guest-Speaker at Women Economic Forum 2017, India. Advisory Executive Council (AEC) at Women Economic Forum Leadership.

Inventor of “Gender Parity Certification Label ” Trade Mark Mentor of Governance Gender Equality Model Certification
Interview Business Week, May 2017 by Regina Mihindukulasuriya.
A Woman Goes to World Bank Vowing to End Gender Based Salaries
Born in Angola in 1966, lived in USA Brazil Spain Mozambique, resident in Portugal, mother, writer, columnist lived and worked in London
Growth Development with 25-year executive experience in Private Equity, Capital Market, Stock Broker, M&A,Investment Banking & Government Affairs,Corporate Leadership, starting as Forex trader in 80’s.
Mentor of First Colloquium in Portugal for all the Middle East and GCC Women Ambassadors
Former Vice-President of Luso Middle East Economic Instituto in Portugal General Secretary at Luso Guiné Equatorial Economic Institute Humanitarian Work in Portugal World Food Bank
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