Lisa Berkovitz


Lisa Berkovitz

Soul-Aligned Leadership Coach


Lisa Berkovitz helps world-changing leaders fulfill their Soul’s mission at the highest level. She helps them cut away what’s no longer aligned, dial in to what’s essential, and hone self-mastery so they can create the impact they’re meant for, and do so with ease, flow, fun and abundance.

She started her career as an M.B.A. in the corporate world launching large-scale projects for Fortune 100 and 500 multinationals, and then in brand marketing where her largest product portfolio was in excess of $90 million. She also spent 9 years as part of the core team hosting the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting for world leaders in Davos, Switzerland.

Lisa’s burning passion for personal and spiritual growth led her to become an entrepreneur and coach in 1999. She’s a master-level NLP practitioner and Reiki master who adores hot yoga, dance, international travel, and putting Soul squarely at the helm of business.