Lina Lopes

Lina Lopes - WEF - Hotel Palacio Estoril - Portugal - 2017

Lina Lopes

President of Women UGT Committee


President of the UGT National Women’s Secretariat
Member of the UGT Executive
Member of the UGT National Secretariat
Member of the UGT General Council
Member of the Committee on Equality in Labor and Employment (CITE)
Member of the Committee on Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG)
Member of the Gender Equality Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation
Author of several opinion articles for newspapers and weeklies Degree in Chemistry from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon MSc in Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa – University of Lisbon Diploma of Advanced Studies in Information Systems by Complutense of Madrid Post – Graduation in Public Health Professor at the UniversidadeLusófona in the Engineering Faculty Member elected to the University Council and Pedagogical Council of the UniversidadeLusófona

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