Lilja Alfredsdottir

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Lilja Alfredsdottir - WEF - UNIVERSITY - ICELAND - 2017

Lilja Alfredsdottir

Member of Althingi & Vice-Chair of the Progressive Party


Member of Althingi for the Reykjavík South Constituency since 2016.
Member of the Constitutional and Supervisory Committe since 2017.
Member of the Economic Affairs and Trade Committe since 2017.
Member of the Icelandic delegation on the NATO Parliamentary Assembly since 2017 (Deputy Chairman since 2017).

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade 8 April 2016-2017
Central Bank of Iceland, Deputy-Director, General Secretariat and International Affairs 2016-
Main responsibilities: Coordination within the Central Bank, International Monetary Fund, rating agencies, coordination within key government agencies.
Prime Minister’s Office, Special Liaison 2014-2015
Main responsibilities: Capital Control Liberalization Strategy, economic affairs, budget issues, rural policy etc.
Central Bank of Iceland, Deputy-Director, General Secretariat and International Affairs 2013-2014
International Monetary Fund, Advisor, Washington DC 2010-2013
Main responsibilities: Iceland’s Standby Arrangement with the IMF 2008 and analytical work related to small states and international capital movements.
Central Bank of Iceland, Deputy-Director, International Affairs and Market Operations 2001-2010
Columbia University, New York, MIA in International Economic Policy 1999-2001
University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Undergraduate degree in Political Science 1994-1998
Minnesota University, Minneapolis, exchange student (macroeconomics and philosophy) 1998
Ewha University, Seoul, S-Korea, exchange student (East Asian political history) 1993-1994
Fulbright 1999/Columbia University
Íslandsbanki 2000/Columbia University
IESP 1998/Minnesota University