Leontine van Hooft


Leontine van Hooft

CEO of GreenDreamCompany & Ubuntu Impact Investments


Leontine van Hooft is corporate anthropologist, author, motivational speaker, inclusive entrepreneur, businesswoman and proud mother of 3.
She is director and co-founder/owner of GreenDreamCompany and Ubuntu Impact Investments. Both firms work closely together and in partnerships on the development of creative leisure, hospitality and tourism industry, in upcoming markets. Projects & investments are multi level value driven: social, environmental, economical and pleasure.
Leontine is a.o. member of the Advisory Board of NABC (Netherlands-African Business Council)
Leontine is the author of leadership books:
• De kracht van Afrikaans denken, (3th edition) translated in: the power of African Thinking
• De weg naar bruto mondiaal geluk, translated in: the road to gross global happiness
Awards: Regional title of Woman of the Year 2011
The Voice Award, motivational speaker, 2015