Laska Paré – Canada

Lask Pare

Laska Paré

Local Correspondent Courageous Living & Author


Laska is a passionate writer, an international life-coach, and a committed recreational athlete. When not enabling people with the tools to build better lives for themselves or working on her latest book project, you will find her outside seeking adventure! As a life-long learner, Laska is constantly raising her standards in order to expand her limits and exemplify this notion of endless possibility. She believes sharing provides access for individuals to see and discover a new layer within themselves; as such, she openly shares what she’s living and learning in her blog posts. When individuals discover the power of their testimony and utilize it in a positive way, she believes society will be able to achieve the greater world vision we all desire. Most recently, Laska joined the Courageous Living Team as the Local Correspondent in India. As an Honorary Life Member of the ALL Ladies League, she is excited to speak at the Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) annual global summit which is taking place in May 2016 in New Delhi, India.