Ladies League’s Bangalore’s Chapter Organized a Seminar on “Strategic Supremacy??? with Prof. Richard D’Aveni

ALL Ladies League’s Bangalore’s Chapter Organized a Seminar on “Strategic Supremacy??? with Prof. Richard D’Aveni

ALL Ladies League’s Bangalore Chapter organized an interactive session on “Strategic Supremacy??? with Godfather of Strategy Prof. Richard D’Aveni. The talk session focussed upon ‘How You Can Create Growth, Wealth and Power through Spheres of Influence’ was held at Taj West End, Bangalore on 20th November 2014.

A pre-eminent management wizard, Prof. Richard D’Aveni is named among one of the top 20 management gurus and top 5 strategic thinkers in the world. Prof. Richard D’Aveni, a Professor of Strategy at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College; is well-known for his unconventional management approach. He advises premiers of many countries including PM of G-7 countries, the European Parliament, the French Senate, members of the Saudi Royal family and the Vice President of Indonesia

While addressing the audience at the seminar, Prof. D’Aveni gave a gist about unique nature of strategic supremacy. He also highlighted India’s potential to emerge as a global superpower and how women participation can foster its growth to gain new heights.

Prof. Richard D’Aveni, in his talk, added that, “As a progressive nation with largest bandwidth of youth, India can potentially cater to the increasing demand of skilled workforce in the country and digital education can be the most convenient medium to skill such a large workforce in an estimated short span of time.???

While addressing the session, Dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League said, “I am extremely glad to share the stage with one of the renowned world thinker & strategist, Prof. Richard D’Aveni. Today India and all of us are poised at a strategic moment in time – one as significant as the dawn of our Independence and one that can change in fundamental ways the way we live and think. What is critically required in such times is a strategic shift in our thinking process, and a new entrepreneurial mindset to chart out our own path of growth and influence???.

Hon’ble Minister of Higher Education & Tourism, Government of Karnataka, Shri R.V Deshpande graced the session as Chief Guest and appreciated Dr. Harbeen Arora & ALL Ladies League for organizing such an intellectual seminar. He said “Education is the fundamental step towards women empowerment as educating a woman is not just educating a person, but its educating two families and generations to come. An educated lady uplifts her life and the life of her family, and plays an important role in the socio-economic development of the country???.

Ms. Ritu Chawla Mathur, Bangalore Chapter Chairperson, ALL Ladies League, thanked Prof. D’Aveni and said, “Encouraging youth to learn new media will enhance their skills as well as add to the growth of Information and Technology sector of India???.

Karnataka MOOCs, the online web portal of Rai Technology University was also launched at the end of talk session. Seminar on “Strategic Supremacy??? was organized by ALL Ladies League at Taj West End, Bangalore on 20th November 2014.

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